"We work daily to maintain national and international recognition."


IRMALEX is a young company, which over the last decades of activity, has been asserting itself nationally and internationally. We work with a vertical business model, which starts with the purchase of raw materials and ends with the delivery of the final product. Based in the city of Felgueiras, northern Portugal, we are currently leaders in the production and sale of sandwich panel as well as profile sheet, roof battens and trims. Since its foundation, innovation and technology have been our pillars and engines for greater market competitiveness.Our personalized services allow us to meet the expectations of all customers and partners.

We are a company that stands out for its quality, service and innovation profile.


We want to continue to increase our added value, through the supply of steel products and services, and to develop, modernize and professionalize our activity in the construction sector.

Social and environmental responsability

We comply with applicable legislation and seek to adopt behaviors and attitudes that contribute to the improvement of society in general and communities around us. 


We use the best raw materials, equipment, processes and human resources in the development, production and distribution of our products. 

Satisfaction and participation of all employees

The supplied goods and the provided services involve high participation of the human assets and, therefore, not only the improvement of skills, but also the socio-professional development are of prime importance, being carried out through training sessions and providing working conditions adequate for the performance or their tasks. 

Costumer´s satisfation and loyalty

Through the provision of materials and services that meet the applicable requirements and promoting the organizational development, aiming at guaranteeing high service levels, competitive prices and services adequate to the specific needs of each client. 


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Zona Industrial de Sendim

Lugar de Cabeça de Porca

4610 - 733 Felgueiras

+351 255 311 453(Chamada para rede fixa nacional)geral@irmalex.pt

Empresa abrangida pelo regime de prevenção de acidentes graves que envolvem substâncias perigosas.


Canal de Denúncia

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